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제한시간 :
1. Every month, the community group ----------- money to poor people.
2. The shareholders were upset that there -------- not any dividends paid out in the last two quarters.
3. The low market barriers in the country have proved -------- to foreign importers.
4. They will not resume -------- the building with electricity until full payment has been made.
5. During the summer season, all employees must ------- their immediate supervisors of their vacation schedules at least 3 weeks in advance.
6. Mr. Villada would like all the staff ------- collaboratively and finish the project by the deadline.
7. As soon as the government -------- the permit again, we anticipate that the construction work of the dam can resume.
8. For the past seven years, the number of women graduating with degrees in law ------- by over 25 percent.
9. The goal of these employee workshops is -------- the quality of our banking services.
10. In order -------- the motor to function properly, all settings must be checked after a loss of power.
11. -------- is not advisable to use the machine without an operator's license.
12. Scientists have difficulty ---------- the most obvious connections between human activities and their environmental consequences.
13. The first 160 people will be seated in the main conference room, and -------- guests will be seated in a video-connection room.
14. A survey --------- a few days ago showed that many businesses are planning a joint venture with another company.
15. -------- near both corporate headquarters and the airport, the company's guest apartments are very convenient.
16. -------- the success of the marketing campaign, Ms. Walker will undoubtedly get the position of marketing director.
17. We should rush to review --------- the terms and conditions of the contract before proceeding with the Market-world deal.
18. The Asian branch has already turned in its total sales figures, but we still have not finished calculating ---------.
19. Even though it is the most powerful supercomputer, the information processing capacity of it cannot be equal to -------- of the human brain.
20. If we see more cases, we can identify the problem ------- we must deal.
21. Mr. Sandhu delivered a speech on international banking procedures and I found it quite -----------.
22. Since I moved out of town, everything has changed -------- much that I can hardly recognize the place.
23. You can email, telephone or fax me, or give my phone number to your colleagues, and I will send an application form to ------- requests one.
24. If you have any questions about your benefits, please notify the human resources department ------- tomorrow.
25. --------- there was only a marginal increase in profits didn't surprise us because we had already expected that.
26. The hotel ------- the conference will be held is centrally located between the main train station and the shopping area.
27. Candidates should be aware -------- all employment applications must be submitted by the first of next month.
28. Passengers must place all metal items, including keys and coins, in the tray before -------- the detector.
29. If the company moves to London, the employees who are transferred --------- reimbursement for moving expenses.
30. Over the last 200 years, methane gases in the atmosphere have more than doubled -------- because of industrialization.
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